Trail Construction Associates

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Although TCA officially came into being in the Spring of 2019,  the founders/owners had  been designing, building and maintaining trails for over a combined 42 years. We each have volunteered extensively across the whole spectrum of trails in the Western NY and North West Pennsylvania area.

Greg Snow- Business Manager  
Lifelong Chautauqua County resident and bicycle enthusiast. Riding bikes without training
wheels for over 50 years and mountain biking since the mid 80’s. Loves the outdoors and nature.
Interests and hobbies; biking, trail building, audio electronics, music, photography.
Retired audio and technology specialist at SUNY Fredonia, chancellor’s award for excellence
in 2013. Teaching audio electronics for the Sound Recording program at Fredonia’s School of
Music. Owner of Audio Services Co, a recording studio specialty electronics company in business
since 1982.  Owner/ operator of G’s Trees, a tree farm in Forestville, NY.
Specialized training in trail planning, cost estimating, chainsaw and machine operations for
trail building.
Constructed 10 miles of private trails in Forestville, assisted with several miles at HHE and
extensive volunteering for trail construction and maintenance for WNYMBA and NAMBA.
25 years experience operating chainsaws, tractors, backhoe and excavators.
Got connected with Thom Wright and former TCA partner Paul Mosher while building and
maintaining the trail system at Harris Hill. Caught the trail building bug from Thom and now as
enthusiastic about building trails as riding on them. Dedicated trail work volunteer at Harris
Hill and Jake’s Rocks. Western NY Mountain Bicycle Association’s volunteer of the year
award 2018 and former board member.

Thom Wright- Project Developer  Thom has been the primary designer, builder and chief contact 

with the Land Manager for Harris Hill Ext. Over the last 16 years, HHE has become an 18 mile 

single-track mecca in the heart of Chautauqua County NY. Thom not only has gone from wish to 

design to ride ready trails, he has also been a part of 3 IMBA trail crew visits to the region.

Holding fast to the sustainable trail rules, he has been great at creating stellar ride experiences 

on a limited budget and space. Thom has an eye for finding interesting lines and dealing with 

various pitfalls that might derail where a trail can succeed. He remains a fanatical mountainbiker, hiker

and trailbuilder. Participated in the development of the Chautauqua County Greenways Plan, boardmember 

of Chautauqua Rails to Trails and has been highly involved in WNYMBA and NAMBA.