Trail Construction Associates

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TCA can work along side you whether you are still at the dream stage, have a route in mind, or are knee deep in the middle of the project.  We can provide advice on what various user group's desire as well as how to insure your trails will be sustainable without costly and repeated maintenance headaches.

Planning- TCA is capable of starting from scratch with a walk through the property and provide various levels of design. We can provide drawings, gps tracks, flagging and layout so you will know what to expect before any dirt is moved. 

Often times the most rewarding part of a new trail system is laying out the segments.  This allow us to come in on the ground level. We have several years experience on locating trails along natural features which will be inviting and rewarding to users and help keep building and maintenance costs low.  We will utilize rolling grade dips, grade reversals, and nicks to make sure water moves off the trail, not down it.

Building- TCA has three mini-excavators, a trail dozer, tractor, atv, dump carts, drags and various hand and power equipment to tackle the job.  TCA  takes safety very seriously both during the building phase and for the user groups who will enjoy the trail system after it’s done. We pride ourselves on timely attention to build goals that allow the land manager/customer to know what kind of progress is happening and the expected completion date.

Maintenance-TCA follows sustainable trail design practices, so ongoing maintenance of the trails will be minimized. Giving you more time to enjoy the trail, less time to work at it.  However, many current trail systems were put into place prior to the sustainable trail guidelines.  If this is the case, we can work with you to return stretches of trail that are fall line, and experiencing erosion to the determent of user enjoyment.  We can plan and build reroutes that  will provide dependable access for decades to come.  We can return abandoned corridors to it's natural state that will erase any sense that a trail was there.

Potential jobs – whether you are a private landowner looking to create a trail to give you access to your back 40, a city or county government looking to increase outdoor recreational opportunities for your residents, or a land manager looking to rebuild/modify existing or create new trail routes, TCA can help.

TCA works with volunteer organizations, local and state governments, non profit, and private individuals to create solid and sustainable trail experiences. We can be available to consult  from the dream stage all the way to boots on the ground and full construction for a “turn-key” project.



Trail lay out and design

Machine built trails

Hand built trails

Multi use-, horse, cross country ski

Mountain bike

Bike park

Trail maintenance, rebuild or restoration

Back country hiking experiences.

Trail volunteer training.

Natural or wildlife sanctuaries, hiking trails. Historic sites. Rails to trails.

Design to highlight the scenic, wildlife, and picturesque features.