Trail Construction Associates has been helping customers design , create and/or refurbish trails for the last 6 years. During this time we have developed trails on State Forests and Parks, non-profit landholders, businesses, public schools and private landholdings. We pride ourselves on attending to our customers wishes and needs, while also designing a trail/system that will be sustainable for the land and it's  intended uses. 

TCA was founded by Greg Snow, Paul Mosher and Thom Wright after they each had spent several years volunteering at maintaining and creating trails in Western NY and North West PA.  As we edged closer to retirement from our previous employments, we saw the need and opportunity to  help the region's outdoor recreation resources by creating a local trail building company that is accessible, affordable and attentive to our area.

Our Services

Whether your project is still in the dream stage, sketched out on napkin, laid out on a google map or gps track, or  is an existing trail that might be suffering from poor conditions due to design or neglect, we would be happy to discuss how we might help.

We strive to utilize the industry's best practices and tailor the design and build to the land while keeping of our customer's ideas, needs and desires paramount.


  • Conceptualization
  • Initial design
  • Ground truthing
  • Flagging intended and if necessary optional lines
  • Provide resources for funding requirements/permits
  • Customer walk through


  • Finalize trail line
  • Corridor clearing and ground sweeping
  • Tread work- grade dips/reversals, outslope
  • Benching
  • Drainage features, low crossings, culverts, bridges
  • Trail features


  • Tread finishing, root cutting 
  • Organic and spoils dispersal
  • Outslope tweaking
  • Trail sinage/ reassurance markers
  • Final walk through
  • 12 month revisit and remediate and concerns

Previous Work

Our projects have ranged from 18 inch wide foot trails /singletrack , 4 foot wide multi-use and 12 foot wide rails to trails.  Whether we design from scratch or get brought in to build what is already flagged or to remediate previous work, sustainability and optimizing the natural features while bringing the trail users an enjoyable experience is our goal. 

ASP  Stone Tower Trail                7 miles     Multi use                           Randolph Children's Home     3 miles        Multi-use 

Private Landholder                       1.5 miles  ATV/Dirt Bike                    Loud Performance                     7 miles        Mountain Bike Park

Private Landholder                        .8 miles   Nature hiking trail          Chautauqua Golf Course          3 miles        Multi-use

Rails to Trails                                  1.7 miles   Multi-use                          Harris Hill Ext.                              4 miles       Mountain Bike/Multi use

Whalen Trails                                  3 miles  Mountain Bike/ Multi       Holiday Valley                             1 mile          Mountain Bike

Chautauqua Lake School            3 miles Multi-use

West Overland Trail                      4.5miles reroute    7 miles refurbish    Multi-use

East Overland Trail                       2 miles reroute      2  miles refurbish    Multi-use